Friday, July 29, 2011

I am so angry.

The BD got off of work at 5pm today. No big deal, sometimes we works late. 6:40ish I call him to see if he's going to make it home for dinner. Still busy at work.

No contact until this.

Me: I have come to the conclusion that a) you are cheating on me, b) you are somehow still stuck at work, c) hanging out with the terry squad, or d) some combination of the above. And to this I have to say - a) tell that stupid whore to get off of you, and she's as good as dead, b) grow a backbone and come home, c) lying by omission is still lying, d) don't bother coming home, just go fuck yourself 10:23 PM
Sean: I was working till about 8, then I hung out with my dad till about 9 30, then went to steak n' shake with the squad and am leaving now. Was gonna tell ya 10:26 PM
Sean: but I hopped in the car and was driving then I was eating. :/ 10:26 PM
Sean: No cheating, I promise. I love you way to much to do such a thing. 10:27 PM

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