Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week Seven - not as planned....

Week 7

Baby is about the size of a blueberry, brain cells are growing and generating at about 100 per minute. Mouth and tongue are forming as well as the leg and arm buds.

Little fucker better be cute.

I went to the ER on Wednesday and urgent care yesterday. What I can figure is that the baby is fine, but my upper respiratory system is fucked. I have been coughing up all sorts of gross.

Wednesday morning I was feeling bad, running a little fever. But at about 7am, I coughed until I puked. The BF took me to the ER and they gave me tylenol with codeine and anti-nausea meds and sent me home. The rest of the day I was just in bed, didn't go to class, didn't do a whole lot of anything. That night he picked me up, and took me out to his place, where I've been since Wednesday.

Thursday didn't do anything but sleep again.

Friday I wanted to get up and go to work, but I don't have my car out here right now, and I can't drive anyway. So I went to work and sat with one of the ladies that hasn't been doing so hot. She has been falling a lot, and not eating. It's stressful, but work is work.

But last night the BF was going to go out with his 'friends.' I put them in quotation marks because I hate them, and they are part of his past - its one of our bosses and his ex's two sisters. I hate them so much, and I threw a fit because I'm sick and wanted to have company while I felt like crap. Eventually he relented and spent the night with me instead. Very happy camper in any case.

Today though, I woke up coughing again, and decided to go to work again. It wasn't so bad until my favorite little jerk decided to throw a sandwich on the floor, and when I told him he needed to go sit down and wait for dinner for more food he hit me.

Fucker hit me! Pissed off!

But the BF decided to wrestle with someone about three times his size and has pulled muscles in his neck. During a nap this afternoon, I was coughing rocking the bed, and he was moaning about his neck. Now we are going to play Diablo 2, and he has a heating pad around his neck. And I'm blowing snot bubbles.

Doctors appointment is also on the schedule now. But not until May.

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