Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Parties

It's that time. Time to start work on the baby shower things. Sucks that I had to do this, but I sent out a mass facebook message to the people that I thought would want to come.

It's been a day of messages. Which the outpour of support is nice. I just wanted to see if people would come to GR or Midland for a party. And I didn't want to do a whole thing on facebook with an event since I don't quite know all the details yet. Mostly because I'm just not a party person anymore. The planning and inviting and the people with the food.

Too much. Thanks.

I guess I hated the fact I can't keep close enough contact with a lot of my friends to warrant a phone call about the baby thing. It's just I'm too weirdly busy with crap and can't just sit down and tell my friends. Or the fact that I have too many facebook friends I just don't want to tell. People that I don't mind if they perv on my life, but a the same time, I don't want them all up in my business.

Anyway - sometime in Octember there will be a party. Letting the grandmas plan it.

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  1. Hey girl! My Midland Baby Shower is in October too! I hope they are close together, if so, I might be able to attend!