Saturday, July 30, 2011

Impending Changes

Since the newest installment of The Elder Scrolls is coming out this November only eleven days before my due date, I figured it was a good time to catch up on the first four games. This includes The Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion. Fortunately the first three are on PC (and easily attainable) and the BF just bought Oblivion for Xbox 360.

Here is where I ran into problems. The first game came out in 1994, and runs on a DOS system. There is a laptop at my parent's house that runs DOS, but I don't have the means to run this game on a floppy from my current PC. Nevermind, I said, I'll just play the Daggerfall. Same issue, not supported with my system. If I was really feeling ambitious, I would just load up an ISO of Windows95 in a virtual system, and go with it. But I'm feeling lazy right now, so it's onto Morrowind for me.

I haven't started, but the fact that the baby will move around inside gets distracting from things.

Which leads me to the next subject - birth control. I'll admit, I'm not strong on the subject, but I'm going to post my thoughts about it. Obviously the BF and I were not using any, I'm not on the pill, and condoms just kinda went out the window after a few months of being together (mostly because I broke up with my relationship that I had been living with as well, but that's a whole other thing). Every professional I've talked to has asked me what type of birth control I am going to be using after I have the baby. The breakdown is basically as follows: abstinence, condoms, the pill, the patch, nuvaring, or an intrauterine device (IUD).

The first two aren't going to work for me, mostly because I'm a very sexual being. I'll admit it, I don't have sex just to procreate, I'm not like many of my religious friends. Intimacy is a part of my relationship with my BF. I realize its going to change having a child, but I think he's sexy. He's hot. I like looking at him naked. Whatever, call me a nympho, I don't care. The next thing is with the patch and nuvaring - I intend to breastfeed. My mother did it with two children, I'm going to make time for it, its the cheapest way to feed a baby. The patch and nuvaring will dry your milk supply out, so those aren't an option.

I thought about the pill, but the idea of hormones, and the blood clots and the side effects - no thanks. I can barely remember to take a prenatal every day and I have an alarm in my phone for it. That leaves an IUD, which comes in a 5-year hormone variety or a 10-year non-hormone. I'm leaning towards the 10 year one, I don't want to pop out a kid every two years. Not to say I wouldn't want more than one child, but for sure not now.

Maybe this first pregnancy wasn't thought through, but the next one sure will be.

I had to discuss this with the BF, since we are still together, still like each other, and want to be parents together. It would most likely be his kid the next time around, don't need any more baby-daddies in my life. No way. But there you go - that's my thought. Condoms once I'm healed from childbirth, but something a little more successful.

On a more positive note. Had a huge fight with the BF - mostly regarding him forgetting to text when he's going to be late and hanging out with his toxic friends. Mostly resolved, but I still hate them. There has been one just bright spot in the past day or so.

"I don't foresee us breaking up, we're pretty awesome together."

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