Friday, July 15, 2011

Moving, but not packing

The one week and one week countdown to the move is on. I am having such issues getting started on packing. I can't pack the most of the stuff because it is dishes and the like. There are so many books, and baby stuff keeps multiplying around here like rabbits. All the clothing is so small, and everything that would hold a baby is so big.

I need to go out and buy new rubbermaid totes to put all my stuff in. And now I have even more furniture than I did when I move last time. It's just not fun, and I can't lift any of my own stuff. So much to do, and I need to clean the place.

On top of that, I've been overly emotional this past week. I've been feeling the baby move, and it is just weird. But last night I managed to get the BF to feel it through the layer of fat on my stomach. It's just getting a little overwhelming and I'm just not ready for this baby thing yet. There is just too much, and I'm trying to do the whole baby registry thing. I hate trying to arrange parties, I suck at them, and I hate doing the invite thing. It's no fun for me - my idea of fun is going to work.

I want to go back to work more. I hate only being an office jockey right now. I want to get back to helping people and the crazies that bust their heads into walls. I miss it, and this is so stupid right now.

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