Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moving up?

It's official. I am moving in with the BF on July 23rd. I have a week to get out of the old place and into the new, but that's not a big deal. Its over on the SE side of GR, which will be a nice change from the weirdness that is Walker. Since I'm not going back to GVSU anytime soon, it will be nice to just find a better place to try and raise a kid for a little bit.

Hopefully there is a house somewhere in the future. But I need a full-time job. :/

I found something that I want after I have the baby. It's called 'Whipped Lightning,' and its booze infused whipped cream. How perfect would that be on some ice cream, or just a shot in the looks so delicious and I want it.

Still a closet alcoholic, I know. But one can dream, right?

And onto our next topic, I keep having dreams about the baby. Last night it was a dream about this killer that was wandering around where I worked. He was a repair man, but I looked at his jumpsuit and it had the Aperture logo on it. And apparently I was the only person that seemed to realize that it wasn't a real place. So I had to send my new baby away with the BF and live in fear that this guy was going to find me because I was the only one that realized he was the murderer.

All I could think about was how much I missed my kid, and wanted to be back with my family. It was awful.

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