Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stereotypical Things

Since becoming pregnant, I have decided to venture out into that unknown world of "Mommy-bloggers." Mostly because I want to see what I "should" be writing about. Mostly because I feel as though I don't exactly cater to the normal pregnant woman.

I think what half annoys me and half intrigues me are the "baby's first outfit" posts. These vary from a little dress, frilly things, a hand sewn object, to something as simple as gym shorts with the hubby's favorite team. How cute is that? Not like there is anything wrong with being proud - that's not what I'm saying at all.

I'm barfing on the inside. But I was feeling kind of left out. I don't have a lot of clothes for my for now gender neutral child-to-be. So, to all those moms out there with your overly cute sickeningly stereotypical blog posts, keep your silly little onesies. Your child is going to look like an amorphous blob.

My kid is the Goddamn Batman.

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