Sunday, July 3, 2011

Surges of Hormones

Had one of those estrogen surges today. I decided to take a weekend to see my family in Indy - basically my sister/cousin and just endless hangouts. Friday and Saturday went pretty fine, we watched a metric fuckton of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, played some Little Big Planet (which was highly entertaining because it is really absolutely nothing), and played Arkahm Horror.

Arkham Horror is a crazy complicated game with a 1920s with an HP Lovecraft god that was ready to enter the world and destroy everything. It's an amazing creep fest, and almost every turn there are more gates opening to another world, bringing in monsters and shit just gets super real. The middle part was hard because we got stuck unable to do anything, but the end was pretty cool. I think the best part is there is a chance you can pick an evil Lovecraftian god that has this power, "Azathoth enters your world. All the players are devoured and the game ends."

Does it get any better? Utter destruction if you fail! Fantastic!

Then tonight happened. We were in the middle of a D&D boardgame called Castle Ravenloft. It was alright, I got to be GLITTERBANG the GOBLIN SORCERER! And I was attacking at crazy ranges. Very happy in the end. The problem really happened when my Aunt and her sister (unrelated to me, Aunt-in-law?) started watching some baby movie with Katherine Heigl. It was about this unmarried couple with friends that left a baby to them when they died.

It was too much for me. The baby crying, the arguments between the couple, I just was hit with a wave of, "I can't do this."

And that's all I can think about now. A baby. A whole fleshy, pooping, crying, pink bundle of trouble that is a baby. I'm so overwhelmed.

But it's back to Harvey Birdman and watermelon gushers. Hopefully this feeling will go away.

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