Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ultrasound Results

It's a girl. 

First off - ultrasounds are a bitch. 32 oz of water an hour before and you have to hold it through the appointment. I didn't, I couldn't, it hurt too much. And I still had to pee like a racehorse afterwards. Not cool, it's torture. It's like, oh, she got knocked up, time for some humiliation from a medical professional on top of waddling through the goddamn hospital. And the prodding of the thing on your stomach doesn't effing help. Here, let me press on your bladder a little bit, oooh look at the baby that is dancing on top of it. 

I can't feel it move. Or if I am, I can't tell if it's still hunger blurps rather than baby doing the disco.

And there is a stereotypical uterus picture. Don't worry, I'm not going to post it up on facebook. Facebook is not the place for baby-bumps, drunk duck faces, making out with your significant other, or ultrasound pictures. I'm happy for that, but that and some of the insane day by day wedding and baby countdown things. Just silly sometimes.

Facebook is for communication, not for flaunting your personal life. People should really take more care with themselves. I used to be one of those people, writing notes about my love life, posting pictures of everything and anything. Now...the people I choose to keep close with I reach out to. Not with a post on the wall, but something private because maybe I don't have a working phone number for them anymore, or because I don't have their e-mails. 

It's one thing to be proud. But keep it off of facebook, the same way I don't want to see my friends sticking their tongues down their significant other's throats, your baby bump must look awesome in person. And that is the only way I ever want to see it. 

If this offends you, good. Take it to heart and get just that little bit more classy. I'm not one to talk, I used to get blackout pass out on the floor drunk, I used to be that person. 

Wow, that was quite the rant. Hm.

But here is a picture of my kid, if you don't want to see it, that's fine. Just close out the window. I'm one of those stereotypical moms. 

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