Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I love my BD.

Well, there are two quotes that have just made me realize how much I love this guy I'm with.

First, we were going to sleep, but I was being obnoxious. I'll preface this with a, my man is biracial, and he doesn't sound ghetto at all. So, when this happened I just lost it.  

Me: *poking and tickling*
BF: Stop, it's time for sleeping.
Me: *continues*
BF: *grabs a pillow and hits me with every word* LET A NIGGA SLEEP, WOMAN!

Me: *whining* Why won't you let me come with you?
BF: Because.
Me: Why?
BF: Because you are a sadistic, narcoleptic, fire-breathing dragon.

Maybe I'm the only one that finds these hilariously funny.

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