Thursday, November 17, 2011

False Alarm

At about 9pm last night, I started having contractions. They were in my lower back, and were happening about five minutes apart. So, I call the hospital, my mom, and then my doctor. They said wait an hour or so, if it continues, then go into the ER.

They didn't stop, so at about 11:15p, we head on in. I get into a gown, they hook me up to the monitor and check my cervix. 2cm dialated, baby's heartbeat is good, still no change in contraction.

Fast forward to 1a, check my cervix again and no changed. Doctor says to go home, and here I am. At home. Still contracting every five minutes and miserable.

How the fuck am I supposed to sleep?

Edit: I have acquired some doctor approved generic brand unisol sleep aid, and a king size kit-Kat bar. Hopefully I'll sleep.

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