Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Countdown

Doo di doo, doo. Doo di doo di doo. Doo di doo, doo. Doo di doo doo di doo.

Ok, I'm not fantastic at the singing, but hopefully I primed your brain so that sounded right.

No worries, I am not in labor right now. Though I think posting a blog mid push would be way too entertaining. Nope, I just loss the cervical mucus plug, the barrier between my baby and he harmful bacteria of the outside world. Amneotic fluid is still entact, baby is still moving. But its coming down to the last of the last.

I'm feeling super nervous, mostly because skyrim just came out, and I want to go play it while I have time. But eight in the morning seems a little too hardcore to start...so I'm trying to hold out.

Manda is coming in a week. I just want to get in two more work days before I have this baby. Need that last bit of money. Oh well, as everyone keeps telling me. She's not going to be early or late, she will arrive on her birthday.

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