Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Final Touches

It's coming down to the end. Sitting here at thirty-nine weeks of gestation. Been playing skyrim, which is amazing. There is only one place in the apartment that I need to sort out. The pack-n-play has become a dumping ground for stuff, clean laundry, blankets, swings and the like. If I can managed to fix that up, then the apartment is newborn ready.

Besides that, I think I felt a contraction last night. Just one, my lower abdomin hurt like a period cramp. It was barely thirty seconds, and I didn't feel another one. But then again, my Dr is in Costa Rica...

In other news, both my ex and my partners ex are engaged. Again, I'm not hung up on getting married right now. My partner and I were talking last night and I mentioned it to him. He asked if I wanted to, and yes. If our relationship keeps being this good, is like to get married.

"You think this is good?" he basically shouted angrily at me. And being super preggo hormone woman I tear up instantly. But he just pulled me in and gave me a hug and said, "Cause its fucking great."

He just keeps reminding me why I love him. But he's a stinker.

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