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Holy Shit - Is This Happening? (Zelda's Birth Story)

Warning: This blog will be a) not family friendly, b) uncut, raw, and not suitable for young readers, c) image heavy, d) a combination of posts that I wrote in the hospital, but didn't get posted in the order I wanted.

18 November 2011
Admitted to.the hospital. Having a baby.

I'll start from where the last blog left off. It was about 2am, I hadn't been admitted to the hospital, and I was having back pain every five minutes for a minute every hour since 9pm the previous night. It wasn't really frustrating to have to go back home, mostly because I didn't feel like it was time yet. It just didn't hurt quite enough to think it was actual labor. On the way home, we got candy and some sleep stuff and I managed to finally get to sleep for about four hours.

Six am on Friday I woke up having contractions. I didn't time them at first, and waited to see if they would just go away. After about an hour, I was still having them and I started to time them and decided to play some Skyrim. It wasn't too bad, bouncing on my exercise ball, playing my video game. I wasn't hungry at all, and only had to pause when a really powerful contraction happened. But wait, I forget some of my readers have no idea what this feels like. For me it was pain like a lower back ache that got worse and worse until it reached around to my front to feel like a menstrual cramp. This was all over a minute, so it was fast and hard pain, but subsided pretty quickly so I could get back to whatever I was doing.

At 11am, I had my regularly scheduled 39 week appointment with my doctor. He was the one they had called while I was in the hospital earlier, and he decided to check out my cervix to see what was happening. He said I was 3cm dilated, and he couldn't rupture my membranes because the baby was too low in my pelvis. Now - quick tutorial, rupturing membranes is when the dr 'aggressively' examines the cervix in hope to break the bag of amniotic fluid around the baby, which would send me straight to the hospital. But it was a no go, and he said to go home, see if the contractions get stronger, and go to the hospital in a few hours because I would most likely have a baby that evening.

So we get home, and I finally get something to eat. It was just a baked potato, cottage cheese water and it was back to Skyrim for me. I got a call from my cousin that she was on her way, and I basically stayed at home until 4:30p when she arrived. As the day went on, I tried to do all the different labor positions to get some comfort, but eventually ended up in the tub with some warm water that did the trick for a little while. When Manda was there, we headed off to the hospital.

6cm dilated - only pregnant picture. Oops.

I realized I never got a picture of myself pregnant. I never really changed size all that much, and as I write this, I am already in my pre-pregnancy clothes. Either I carried her weird, my body is made to hide a baby, or combination of all that and already being a chunky-monkey to start. 

When they admitted me, I was almost 6cm dilated, still contracting and just hanging out. The entire time, my cousin and BF were just cracking me up with Star Wars jokes, singing ridiculous things, and just keeping me laughing. It was fantastic just walking around and having the nurses just give us the weirdest looks. Once I got in, we got up to a delivery room, got my vitals, and I decided that I was in enough pain to warrant jumping in the jacuzzi tub. Which was fantastic. Hot water, jets, it was maybe 6:30p by the time I jumped in, and was given until 7p to just hang out. When it was time to get out, that's when it hit me. I felt like I had to BM, the largest BM that could ever happen to a person. With every contraction, I took a quick pee, tried to pass this invisible BM, and realized that I couldn't take the pain anymore. I called the nurse and asked for an epidural. Enough with this natural child birth shit for me, done. 

Done, done, done, done.  

This is the weird part. I get really hazy on the details, but I remember squatting on the toilet with my arms around my BF's waist just sobbing. It hurt so much, and I just tried not to scream. I remember saying "I can't do this." Then I remember just holding onto a hand, laying on my side in the hospital bed. The nurse kept telling me that if I feel the urge to push, to just go with it, because it makes it better than holding it in. The doctor came in, my back hurt, everything was hazy and he says, "So you want the epidural - what is she at?"

The nurse says, "100% effaced, 10cm and +2."

Now what that means is - I don't have a cervix basically, it is thinned to the point where it does nothing. It is 10cm open, which is as big as you can get. Now the +2 is where the baby is inside. The pelvic bone is 0, anything inside is negative, anything outside is positive. 

"Do you want to wait for the epidural?" my doctor asked me. 

"Which will be faster, the epidural or just delivering?"



It didn't seem like any time at all, and he jumped up and got into scrubs and pulled on his gloves. He told me that with the next contraction to pull my knees up to my chest and to push as hard as I could. Two pushes, had a screaming baby on my chest. I see the white cord and Sean comes over to cut it with a 'your welcome.' What a dork. 

Zelda Skye Keckler - 6lbs 13oz, 18.5in
7:41p 18 November 2011
Everything gets much clearer then. I had my baby near me, she was wailing, and I just looked into her eyes. It was the most amazing thing ever. They pulled down my hospital gown, and put her right on my skin. When the clarity happened, everything was just awful. My doctor was pushing on my stomach, and I could just see wave and wave of blood. My stomach hurt, but I didn't feel the contractions for delivering the placenta. The he starts to try and sew me back up. This was one of the worst parts of the delivery - having to sit still, getting poked with needles, and watching this long string and sutures being put into me. I had to just relax, but it hurt so much more. I think it was the endorphin/hazy feeling I had that were immediately gone. If you want the real details, ask Sean, he watched the entire thing happen. 

Finally they gave her the shots, and I breastfed her while we watched Prince Caspian. The first scene in that movie is a birth scene, which watched just shaking my head. "It wasn't anything like that," my cousin said to me, "You were much better than that." I have a feeling that Sean put in a "She's a puss,"

Aunt Amanda and Zelda! That hat is way too big, but still cute.

Daddy and Zelda together at the same time. 
This is when I got to experience the hospital. I had to waddle to the bathroom and try to shower. That was awful. I was bleeding uncontrollably, everything was stained red, and I forgot shampoo. I didn't take a full shower, but I washed up really hardcore, got my face, and everything down below that I could. That's when I discovered the most amazing thing in the world. They have these pads to soak up the blood, but you break and shake them like a cold pack. Cold pack pads, best thing after passing a melon through your vagina. I hit those up so hard while there.

Zelda and Mommy, we were pretty tired.
The hospital stay was really uneventful. Family came and went,  my sister and mom were there. Manda was there. Sean and I stayed up most of the first night, just hiding the high of new parenthood. Tried to feed every two hours, she was checked almost constantly, I was checked. Gross hospital food, the works. I was having some feeding issues, but I got a lactation consultant to work with me and Zelda.

And they called her 'jaundiced.' Must get it from Daddy. :P
They have these wrist bands for security, mine said 'kisses' and hers said 'hugs' and every time they got together they would play the first few notes of Brahms Lullaby. But I never had her out of my sight, no matter how many times the nurses came in to 'just take her to the nursery to check something.' Nope. I got my ass out of bed and followed. Not because I don't trust them, but because I'm psycho crazy mom. And every time they brought her in there, she cried and I just wanted to bust in and take her back.
Welcome to the world, Zelda.

Sunday morning we got all ready and headed out at about noon. Got home, and have just been not sleeping. Sean's family have been over twice in different amounts. Each time they bring a different combination of kids. It's been nice to see them a little, but I definitely enjoy just taking  nap with my baby girl.
Finally home!
20 Nov 2011
Now that I'm done being pregnant, seems I need to change up my paragraph up top. Might continue blogging about parenting and mommy stuff.

All in all. Welcome home, Zelda Skye. I've loved you already for so long, now I can finally share you.

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  1. Your baby is adorable! I am so so so excited for you! Can't wait to see you and Zelda when I am home :)