Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fat and miserable

I am miserable. Woke up this morning with the tightness in my throat that says, guess what, in two days you are going to be laid up sick with a cold.

Add that to the labor set up my body is doing, and there is a recipe for disaster. Since the plug passed, I've had this awful muscus drainage which means one thing - cervix is open for business. My back hurts, I can't sleep for longer than a three hour period before waking up.

I just want to lay in bed all day.

But I need to pack my hospital bag, get a picture of myself pregnant, and install the car seat base in the bf's car. Mostly because I've been procrastinating. And go shopping for a nursing bra. Might just hit up the local target, just something for right now.

Other than that, so ready to be done with pregnancy.

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