Friday, November 25, 2011

You Are What You Eat - And What You Eat Ducks Up Your Life

As I struggle with new parenthood, I have a few observations. Post partem Kal sucks to be around. I thought I was frustrating before with the placenta, but I had no idea. I burst into tears for no reason, get irrationally angry, and can't manage to let anyone else touch my kid.

The past few nights have been tough, especially with the family stuff and having my parents come to GR. My dad cooked us dinner, and it went pretty smoothly until my sister started to feel left out. Shecaused a scene, and when I asked them to take thro fighting outside so I could calm down and feed Z, they flat out out ignored me.

So Z and I packed up and hid in the bedroom. Sean nearly yelled at my parents for making me upset. But more drama avoided.

My dad finally met her. I think that bucket of crazy is over.

Went to Sean's parents house later in the evening. At first that was stressful - all the kids want to tell my BF about what new level in Skyrim they are, what new armor they found, and don't have good volume contol. But as soon as Grandma and grandbaby were united everything calmed down. I burst into tears because of the stress, but I also got to talk to Grandma about baby stuff, my own issues. She asked me if I was going to start pumping breast milk pretty hesitantly. I am, I just didn't want to start too early and have my body go - "hold up, this feels like two babies, MAKE ALL MILK!"

And when I say you are what you eat, I had cheesecake and cherry pie....and now I have a fussy baby that hasn't had that much sufar by proxy.

More triptophan, less sugar tomorrow. Damn holidays that keep you fat.

Edit: Thank you smartphone for cleaning up my language.

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