Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Month and Counting

What have I learned in the past month? What great wisdom can I impart to those without child(ren)? Well, my baby girl is a month old tomorrow. She lifts her head up on her own, she eats every hour during the day, and sleeps for about three hour shifts at night. She managed a growth spurt and some of her clothes no longer fit.

I have learned that just diapering and feeding is not enough for my child. She likes to be held, to bounce on my exercise ball with me and a few days ago she started smiling when she sees my face.

This baby has completely changed my life, not necessarily my cactus-like personality, but I facking baby talk like it is my job. I can pick up this kid and get her to stop crying by just holding her and talking to her. And I've discovered that I am a radical parent. I'm not normally a by-the-book kind of person, but the way I do things with my baby is different.

First, I breastfeed exclusively. We just introduced one bottle a night for feeding, and she won't take a pacifier. In fact this past afternoon she wouldn't even take a bottle.

Second, we co-sleep with the baby. That means that she has a bassinet in our bedroom, but normally she sleeps in bed with us. No nursery, no separated bedrooms. Which is a lot easier when she wakes up at night to eat or get changed. The crying is reduced, and normally it's right back to sleep for everyone. Most people don't co-sleep, because if a parent is too tired/not sober it is potentially harmful to baby. But we don't smoke/drink, so having her in bed with us isn't an issue.

I haven't been updating the blog as often, mostly because Z takes up all my time and energy. But hey, she's a baby, she needs me and her dad to take care of her.

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