Thursday, April 26, 2012

Big Changes

A lot has changed with little Z in the past few weeks.

First off, she has been communicating her hunger by grabbing my shirt and trying to nom through it rather than giving normal hunger cues. So, we are starting sign language. Every time she eats we sign 'milk,' when she's getting changed signing 'bathroom' and 'diaper.' I already sign ASL, we just need to rev up all the language things - aka reading to her in German, signing more, talking more all that sort of fun stuff.

She started saying the syllable 'da' last night. I'm happy that it sounds like she's saying dadadada, but at the same time - come on! I do all the work, all the feedings, the baby wearing, the laundry, can I get a little credit?!?

Oh's the video proof.

And, she tried to get out of the co sleeper after her nap. Not like we don't already do a family bed, but she has her own place to sleep during naps and stuff.

I had the 'Jaws' theme playing in my head as I took the next picture.

She's gunna get me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Deuces Facebook

I deleted my facebook today. Mostly because I feel like I waste so much time on it.

Frankly, I don't care about it anymore. All I do is complain about how people over share their lives on it, and I never post up statuses.

I didn't even post up a status about Z being born. No weekly updates, nothing of the sort.

Forget it. I don't need it. If I need to talk to someone, I will just get their phone numbers.

Feels good. I think I'll start reading more now. All the time I would have spent on facebook I will now spend reading. Sounds like a good plan.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I hate pumping

I hate pumping. I hate feeling like a cow. I hate being hooked up to a machine. I hate the way it makes me feel. I hate it I hate it I hate it.

I will be so glad when I can stop pumping at work. I already don't pump at home anymore. I'm ready to be done with this stage in my life.

Baby Wearing Part Two

I have become such a fiend about baby carriers. Since my last post about baby wearing, I have gotten two new carriers. I am so excited to show them off. They are pretty. It hits my inner girly girl to break them out.

First I got a Wrapsody. It came in a few styles, but I went with a batik wrap called the Breeze. It is a light gauze wrap, so I'm excited to use it in the summer. And it is approved for doing a back carry.

Front carry - wrap cross.

I like it. You can't tel in these pictures too well, but it is super colorful. My own technicolor dream-wrap if you will (that's a Joseph reference...for all my atheism, I thought Joseph was a pretty good musical).

Successful back carry!
I've started wearing this around the house, trying out the different carrying positions with Z. She didn't like it at first, so I had to wear the gauze down - steaming it out in the shower, air fluff with tennis shoes in the dryer, wearing it so it gets soft. It has become easier and easier to tie, which is nice.

Aaaaaaand sleep time.
I also got a chance to learn how to do a double hammock carry. There is a woman at my breastfeeding group who is basically the Yoda of baby wearing and taught me.

The other thing I bought was a ring sling from BabyEtte. It' pretty, lightweight, and easy to pack. Unlike the wraps, it isn't as much fabric, and good for bringing along.

It's preeeeeety.
 So yeah, that's my new thing to do.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day Off From Being Mom

Been overwhelmed, Sean took Z for the day.

Watching Voyager and playing Mass Effect 2.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Settling Back into the Normal Routine

My partner and I have returned to the normal routine. After he was gone for what felt like a  month even though it was only ten days, we got him to be home for three days straight before having him go back to his normal job. Today I felt energized enough to get something done, a long walk to the more expensive food store rather than driving to Meijer, and we got meat for dinner and stuff.

Also, I keep looking at more baby wraps. I'm becoming a wrapping fiend!

But my partner's contracting/construction boss wants him to go back. We are going to talk about it, but I am going to fight for him to stay here. I can't have him gone again. Just look back at my previous rants about being a single mom, or as close as possible. I don't know how single parents do it - if I didn't have to go to real work, it wouldn't be so bad, but my job is stressful.

My job is too taxing to juggle being a mom and getting punched in the face for a living. I can't do it. If it was something else, if I switched to third shift where all I did was clean instead of working with the kids directly, then it wouldn't be so hard.

But we'll see after our talk. Now onto the sloppy joes.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Reunited.

Sean got home at 2am Sunday morning. I didn't post yesterday mostly because I have a rule about the internet and phone on April Fools. I don't internet, and I don't answer the phone. Joke's on you!

Having my partner back has been such a weight off my shoulders. I can now pass the baby off, I can not worry if I have to run to change over laundry. I have someone that I can talk to.

I have an adult that I can talk to again.

Not to say I wasn't getting my fair share of adult time, I had friends over in the past week. But at the same time, they aren't my partner, where when Z got fussy, I could pass her to him. When it's a guest, I don't feel the want to pass her along. She is my responsibility, not anyone else's.

It was funny on Saturday to go to the Deaf for a Day at GVSU. I saw some old friends that are on the edge of graduation - "What am I going to do as an adult, with a real life?" Trololololololo, I don't even know.

Z and I survived without Daddy. But that will not be happening again. Nope.