Friday, August 17, 2012

How Far is Rock Bottom?

When will I hit rock bottom?

Is it getting fired from a job because someone lied about me? Is it losing my apartment because I can't find a new job? Is it having to move in with in-common-laws? Is it having to move back to Midland? Is it getting Z taken because I can't pay my bills?

I don't think I've hit rock bottom yet, but I feel like it is impending, and I keep falling. I was so close to being in the clear, being back at my job, and moving on. But now? Work can't make up their minds, I've already gotten a punishment, slapped with a violation for doing what any male staff would have done. I played the game and I jumped through all the hoops this time around.

No more.

Don't play me, don't decide to switch sides because of 'new information.' When there is a claim against me, if you never interview me there is bound to be new information - you haven't heard my side of the story!

Now I just wait and see. I can't go back there, I refuse to go back. I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and not have to drag my child to interviews. I don't deserve to have my coworkers spreading lies and slandering me while I am not there. I have a family to provide for, and an internal drive to go to work.

I am not garbage. I am a human being.

So I ask the public - where is rock bottom? Is it in a halfway house? Is it welfare?

How am I going to make it through this?

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