Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Coat Closet

I am a handy-woman. I went to a mom's sale today (which was overwhelming and awful, but I did get some good stuff), and came home and needed to figure out what to do with some of Z's new clothes. The weather is getting chilly finally in Michigan, and I got some winter coats. But I didn't want to put them in the big people closet, because I'd just lose track of them. So, I went to the $5 white thing that my parents brought for me, and transformed it. 

The left side used to be plastic shelves, and this is it empty. 

There is a shelf there, which will the be top of the closet.
My first thought was to put a screw in the top shelf part, and wanted to use a hanger to create the rail where the other hangers would hang (yo dog, I heard you like hangers, so I used a hanger to hang your hangers, so you can, you get the drift.) My first mistake was using a wire hanger. One was too flimsy, so it wouldn't work, and the other one ripped the screws out.

I tried to make it work, but fail.
 Then I grabbed a plastic hanger, and screwed it to the bottom of the shelf.

Three screws, and the hanger slipped down to the end.
 I then got to hanging stuff from the hanger, and it didn't work quite as well as hoped.

Unsupported, and saggy, almost there.
 One screw in the middle of the hanger, some duct tape around the screws and hanger and bam!

Finished product :)
Now, I pride myself on not spending money, and guess what, I had all the supplies in my apartment. Its a little white trash, and a little jankity, but hey, it gets the job done. Nothing a little duct tape, glue, hanger, and some screws. I feel super handy right now, and accomplished. Getting into a project drove me into reorganizing and getting laundry done too. 

The sale was crazy. Too many people, too much stuff, and it was just the strangest thing ever. The best part was the $2 find in the boy's section.

Ready for winter, all set to go. It's a huge weight off my shoulders. Only thing left to do it get a job. 

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