Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Change Is Still Ok.

There has been a few changes again to my life.

Sean and I are getting back together. Which has been a really different sort of feeling. I feel drawn to him, and I care about him deeply, but the past few months have been emotionally draining. It's hard to let myself be open and really give him any sort of emotional connection. I don't want things to go exactly back to where they were, but there have been some changes. I wish I could be open with what has changed, but I feel like I would be judged by my readers (few and conservative as they are, no offence). Changes that I support and feel good about, but the rest of the world would think are stupid or dangerous.

Work is stressing me out as well, and I feel like its just too much some days. I wish I had something I was actually excited to go to. And maybe drop my status so I can have more time to devote to Zelda. Every evening is turning out to not fill my mom-fix.

Another load of his clothes have come back to the apartment. :)

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