Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Cake

I was scrolling the internet, and found this amazing recipe for pumpkin pie cupcakes. I didn't have the brain for making the cupcakes, so I just made some goddamn cake. Yesterday I did the meijer brand recipe for pumpkin pie, and figured I was on a pumpkin streak!

Because I'm lazy as all get out, I decided to use a crust from the store. I made the cake with double the amount of cinnamon because it sounded better, but the rest of it I just did as it told me.

It wasn't a particularly hard recipe, just time consuming with waiting for everything to cool down.

Pumpkin pie top, graham cracker crust, vanilla spice cake.
I still suck at baking.

And I met someone. Pretty cool person, couple of dates, super casual, definitely going to be a good friendship if not more.

This is what she brought for the first time meeting Zelda.

Call him Plink.

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