Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zelda's Second Christmas

I just realized I haven't posting a long time, so here's to what we did this holiday season. We started off with a trip to Midland so I could play mom to my sister with Zelda. We had a mostly ok time, and visited the Santa House in Midland.

Sleigh ride, inside.

I'mma get that phone!
Mona talking to Santa
Zelda didn't want to sit on his lap. 
I do have some fundamental issues with taking Z to see Santa, mostly because it just sets up a pattern of indoctrination that I want to stay away from. Hence, she doesn't get anything like a 'baby bible' or any other nonsense like that. She'll learn what's real soon enough, and she didn't want to sit with him anyway so no worries. I was a little upset that she saw a mall Santa with Sean's parents without me. It's just one of those small things I want to be a part of.

We also went to Great Grandma Judy's house for that family Christmas party. I didn't want to go and felt super left out since no one talked to me the entire time I was there. I also didn't get to see Zelda's face while she opened presents. On top of that I had to work Christmas morning -nothing is more depressing than elderly that wait around all day for their family that may or may not come. Christmas night we drove to Traverse City to spend the night and boxing day with my parents at the Great Wolf Lodge.

I used to hate that place. Growing up, during high school and my early college years, I hated going. I wasn't the right age or had independence to do what I wanted. Now I can just enjoy it for the kid reasons without feeling weird or awkward about it. I can enjoy the borderline LARP-ing with my daughter as she waves a wand around.

(I know sounds backwards, lets play magic games and not believe in Santa. Oh well.)

It has been impossible to get any pictures of Z too. She knows what the phone is for and wants to play with it all the time. She is good enough to manipulate the touch screen, and figure out a few of the apps to play music.

The plan for New Year's is not travelling. Not driving late at night and then driving back to GR the next day. Done with that for sure.

My only hope is that the next year is less dramatic. Less breakups and less trouble.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie with meringue.
I may or may not have bought two pound of key limes for $.20. Then made some pie. There are actually two pies, but the same recipe for both. One I made a half assed meringue (above), and the other with just whipped cream (below). 
Key lime pie with whipped cream.
I got this recipe from All, and just used the first one I found. The meringue was a doubled version of this. I also added lime juice to make it lime merigue.

Key Lime Pie (Easy)
1/2 cup lime juice (fresh squeezed key limes take forever btw)
5 egg yolks beaten
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 9in gram cracker crust

Mix it up, and pour it into the crust.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes

Easy Meringue (again, I doubled this)
3 egg whites
2 TBS white sugar
1/2 cup water
1 TBS cornstarch
1/4 TSP cream of tartar
1/2 TSP vanilla extract
6 TBS white sugar (add while its beating)

The recipe is complicated, but I just tossed everything into the kitchenaide mixer and whipped it all up.

Spread on top of completed pie, bake 10 min, broil 3 min.