Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Attachment Parenting

I've said before that I am a parent hippy. I cosleep (yes, still), I breastfeed (again, yes, still), and I baby wear (yes, yet again, still). I asked an open ended twitter question, and I actually started a search on what I actually practice. These are only things that work for my family - I do advocate strongly for what I do as what is best for my family but do not presume to mandate my philosophy on anyone else's household.

First, I came across this article. It explains what attachment parenting is. I have thought of myself as an attachment parent, but had trouble thinking about it as a working mom as well. I think it might be easier to attachment parent as a stay-at-home mom, able to plan excursions and play groups. I'm lucky enough to live in a larger city where there are public programs where I can take Zelda and just play. Also, I'm lucky to have close friends that have a son close to Zelda's age so we can hang out with the babies and it's not weird.

To solidify my beliefs, I found this article about 'modern parenting.' I had initially thought this would relate to what I do. In actuality  it speaks out against the 'cry-it-out' method, and leaving a baby in the carseat, or in a crib or away from human contact.

I love touching and holding my baby. I love cuddling and carrying (hence why I baby wear, I don't have arms of steel). But at the same time, I let Z explore as much as possible. Instead of saying 'no' all the time, I place her in situations where I don't have to. Lazy parenting? Possibly. But effective? Well, I look at Zelda's development and can't help but assume I've done something right.

Attachment Parenting International

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