Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Co-sleeping Revamp!

As you all know, I am a huge advocate for co-sleeping. Since Sean moved back in though, Z has been getting a little large for the bed with the two of us. I decided to do some more googling to find a solution and I found this on peaceful parenting.

I tried my hand at it and was pleasantly surprised.

It's like a bigger bed.
Right now it's a hard transistion because Zelda likes to sleep between us, and can choose who to cuddle with. I am trying to nurse her to sleep on "her bed" then let her stay asleep there, but I don't think it's comfy at the big bed. Sometimes she'll stay there for a little bit, and as everything with her, it's a work in progress.

I like having the extra space just in case Z wants to spread out. And she jumps on her own bed. I'm sure soon she will understand "her bed" as opposed to "the bed."

Yay cosleeping!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

I had an amazing Valentine's Day.

I went to work at 8 in the morning, and on my lunch took Sean and Z out to smashburger. It was delicious. After work, we went to the grocery store and bought stuff for burritos. I cooked, and put Z to bed then played Skyrim side-by-side. It was super awesome.

It got me thinking, Sean and I haven't said, "I love you" since we got back together.

Guess what? That's ok. Because love isn't something I should splatter across facebook, it isn't a "hey babe" or "hey boo bear" every other second when we are out. It's a verb, one that I express every day when I cook dinner, when we make a plan to hang out, when I toss Z to her dad, when we all snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. My actions show my feelings, and I don't need one word to express how I feel.

Battle-mage and regular mage and Dwemer ruins. <3
He may have broken my heart once, but he helped give me my Zelda. It's ok not to be romantic, it's ok not to have flowers. I have what matters, and I always will. 

Then this past weekend we made a trip to the Midland. My dad's health isn't great right now, and I'm not sure exactly what to feel. At the MCFTA there was an exhibit called "Grossology" all about how barf and poop and stuff are made. There was a cool little slide where you could climb up and pretend to be food being eaten and sliding down the esophagus.

Of course, my evil strong-baby decides she can climb all things, and starts up by herself.

Look, I can do it myself!
That was pretty cool to watch, especially when she missed a step and was hanging by one arm until I came to help her. I pulled her down and she ran right back up to it to try again. The slide was difficult for her, she didn't want to go down with out a little push.
Thankfully, Daddy helped her out. Good trip, I hope things start going better for my family and to get to see them a little more often.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Busy Life

I haven't posted a blog in a few weeks, so I figured an update was in order.

I started the new job at the bank. It's boring, predictable, and closed on holidays. It's really not bad, but again I'm at the bottom of the learning curve and struggling to get through everything I need to get done.

Zelda climbs like a pro now. Chairs, beds, cabinets, you name it, she tries to climb it. Which is nice for bedtime because when she's tired she'll run to the bedroom and get into bed (and scream while she waits for the boob). I'm so impressed with the amount of things she understands, I can ask her to pick a book and she will bring it to me to read, she can sign 'socks' and is just an amazing kid in every way.

The only thing is her rage. She has anger that has manifested into hitting. I'm trying the time outs and reminding her 'nice' in asl, but now when she's upset, she hits herself with both hands then strikes. I'm sure its because of the language struggles and because sometimes she can't have exactly what she wants. I hope it goes away but nothing distracts this kid.

When she's happy no problems, cuddles, hugs, kisses, blowing kisses, and she can say 'bite' when she wants a chunk of whatever I have to munch on. She is so smart, its mind blowing. I can't wait till she tries to lie for the first time, to see her manipulate her world.

So proud, she's amazing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I can drink the Kool-Aid

For my past two jobs, I have blended fairly well. I pretend to be a good Christian, praise Jesus, Lord bless me for I Fucked out of wedlock and it was worth it. Now, I have to put on a new face. Upbeat, chipper, outgoing, fun, eager to please, and all tha jazz.

I'm trying to fit a new mold so I can keep providing for my daughter. This is so hard. Too bad I can't just create a job I'm good at, and just make up my own salary. Magic, all the bills are paid and still living modestly.

I'm frustrated and grumpy, I have pinkeye and a respiratory infection that is destroying my life slowly. Not happy, but at least I have two weeks of full time before setting into a new routine.