Friday, March 8, 2013

Corporate Scams

I dislike large corporations,  mostly when they take advantage of their customers. Companies that use their name to bully and confuse customers into spending more money then they have.

I recently got an email for an offer - 4 product for a dollar with membership. It sounded too good to be true, things that I wanted, could use for gifts and all sorts of stuff. It was too good to be true.

Spending a dollar? That's something I can handle - but I took a look at the 'membership details.'

"As a member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at $19.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray for a member who joins under a DVD enrollment offer or starting at $29.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu-ray for a member who joins under a Blu-ray enrollment offer), plus shipping and processing of $3.95 for the first title in each order, and $1.49 for each additional title in that same order. You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 5 movies."

Let's quick add that up - 5 movies, each for about $20, and each time you buy you spend $4 in shipping. For the '1 dollar' I was intending on spending, I would end up spending $120. And guess what, you can't just cancel your membership, and you can't use a check. They have your credit card information, and they will charge you. A little rediculous, advertise what you want from your customer!

When a company that is exceptionally wealthy does things like this - it makes me sick.

The problem is, I still love the products. Jerks.

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