Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Pro-Choice Means for Me

Disclaimer: This is only my feelings on my personal experience with having one pregnancy and resulting in one child. I do not mean it as a blanket statement for all people that are pro-choice.

Pro-choice means for me that no one has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. No governing body, no religion, no one, ever. A doctor can give an opinion, viable options, statistics and such, but no one can tell a woman what to do with her body - and specifically her uterus.

Zelda was my choice to have, I could have made different decisions with my sex life but I didn't. I made my choices with Sean and had an 'accident.' We may not have known each other for very long, but sometimes you trust someone.

I knew Sean was going to be the best dad when he said 'I love you' to our unborn child before saying it to me.

Pro-choice doesn't mean I wanted to end my pregnancy, for me it meant I had to look at all the possibilities. Was I ready to have a baby? Yes. Was I willing to have the baby? Yes. Was being a parent an option for me? Yes. Did I want to be have a baby? Not exactly, but she's grown on me (and in me). I had no reason to abort Z, medically I was healthy enough, mentally I was alright, and I had a job.

I know in my heart 9 times out of ten I would not abort a baby I was pregnant with. I am a strong enough woman now to understand the consequences of my choices and know that if I am to bring a child into the world I am old enough to take care of it. Does that mean I am irresponsible now? No. I have a freaking IUD. I'm not stupid, another baby would drive me crazy at this point.

Just because I wouldn't abort a fetus doesn't mean that I should impose that choice on any other woman. Some women might not be ready for parenthood, might have been raped, might have been molested - it's not my story, I've written mine out.

Pro-choice is not pro-murder. I'm not saying every unexpected pregnancy should end with abortion. I made my choice. Every other woman should get that same choice.

This kind of stems from this article.

I don't know, but Zelda came out with plenty personality, and I would deem her a person from when she was placed bloody and screaming on my chest.

Recently I missed my period. The only thing I could think was "I can't afford this baby, why did my birth control fail?" It ended up being a week late, and I'm not pregnant. I had to write out a plan for my options - including abortion. So for me, abortion is a choice I am willing to make.

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