Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bear in the Big Blue House Analysis

Delving into the world of children's television, I have been able to watch some older shows that my sister enjoyed and really see something new every time. My favorites to watch are Little Einsteins, Bear in the Big Blue House, and The Wiggles. The problem is that there are only a few episodes of each on youtube, but that only bothers me, not Z. 

I have learned a little bit about appealing to the adults that may be trapped behind the dancing toddler. I think the most interesting has been Bear in the Big Blue house. There are so many levels to this patched together family, one older bear (Bear) his reclusive and strange roommate Tutter (the mouse), the foreign exchange student that most likely staying past his visa allows (Treelo), hyperactive twins Pip and Pop (otters), Ojo, the only female that lives in the house, and a variety of other friends that come and go as they please. 

I'd like to delve into what Bear's life is really like. His best friend (and possible love interest) is Luna the moon. He talks to her every night, tells her about his life, but knows there is nothing more because there is just too much distance between them and she has so many other people that depend on her. Luna always has a spot in her heart for Bear. 

The episode that got me thinking was the Harvest Moon episode, where Luna brings a girl bear from Bear's past, Ursa. Besides the obvious play on Ursa Major, she is genuine with Bear and after all the 'kids' have gone to bed reminds him that "They were going to look at the stars together." That got me thinking, who is Ojo's mother? Why does she live with Bear? Why doesn't Bear have a mate? Meeting Ursa gave me this theory - Ursa and Bear were together, but Ursa decided to move to her home country Spain and be a farmer there, and didn't want to bring the little cub Ojo with her. Either Bear is Ojo's father and they haven't told her, or Ursa wants to pursue her career over being a mother. 

I guess I spend too much time watching kids shows. Maybe they are all just friends and I'm reading into it. 

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  1. I wondered about this too. I figured maybe bear was like a babysitter or maybe Ojo's older brother. I watched this as a child and now it's the only tv my son watches