Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Books, Belly, and Butterflies

I haven't posted about my baby in a few weeks. I've been soap boxing my opinion (however contraversial), and have since forgotten why I started this blog.

Zelda has been amazing, and it seems like every day she learns something new. She started lifting up her shirt and saying 'belly,' then running to me or Sean and pulling up our shirts to say 'belly.' Titi Manda came to visit a few weeks ago and she and Z had a total blast while I was stuck at work. We went out to a playgroup to read a book. We arrived too late for the actual reading portion, but Z started saying 'book.' She'd pick up the copy of whatever we were reading and say 'book' and bring it over. Now I can tell her to grab a book, and she will come sit with me while we page through it.

I am absolutely thrilled with her desire for literature. Early literacy and reading had been a goal for me as a parent, and she has done above and beyond what I had hoped for her age. We have been attending a few different story groups and found a few that were pretty amazing.

I'm going to count this as a win, and now time to move on with other parenting things to work on. Like potty training (dun dun DUN!)

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