Friday, May 10, 2013

DisneyLand! California Adventures and Extra Stuff

We went to DisneyLand. But the best part about going to California was not the 'magic' of DisneyLand. It was spending time with my aunt and uncle, going to the park, playing in the warm weather and generally just being away from real life for a week.

Driving around LA was the worst. Driving with my mother is bad in Michigan, but put her in an unfamiliar car in the worst traffic in the USA? It was awful. I pleaded my uncle to drive. Or Sean.

I felt like this trip was fun, but we could have done it for much cheaper, and that's why I felt so bad the entire trip. I constantly felt like we were wasting money that we didn't need to, because Z was being a baby. She is a baby, but we could have done simpler things rather than spending money on tickets to the museum, or tickets to DisneyLand. My favorite times were going to the pool and walking and chatting. I'm more of a stay-cation person.

Also, I have learned that the days of staying with my family in close quarters is over. Sean, Z, and I need our own space. That way Z can cry and not disturb others, and we can get our schedules in order. This vacation was also hard because Z doesn't understand how to wait. We did all the rides she was able to go on, and didn't bother to wait in line for anything longer than 15 minutes. No character dinners, no meetings, just walking around the park and getting some good old fashioned vitamin D.

The rest of April was a bit of a blur. Everything has been changing so fast, Sean's parents went through a month of homelessness. Things are finally settling down, and I ordered all of my seeds and getting ready to do some planting and gardening. :)

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