Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Need to Blog More - March Recap

March has been crazy busy. I had an amazing week with my sister, went to a conference, settled into the new work schedule, had a super late period (thanks IUD, real good job with the birth control), and went to a conference. After all that - Sean is turning 25 on Saturday! Yay for a quarter century, I feel like I'm dating an old man. :P

I haven't been blogging as much as normal these days. Z changes so fast I forget what I have written and what is really new. Every day it feels like she is learning something new and doing something else. Last week it was "book" that became "duck" and "buck" and (you guessed it) "fuck." Not my proudest moment, but a reminder to watch my own language. And she can carry on a conversation by herself, wandering the apartment with my phone to her ear and saying, "Hello. Okay. Okay. Okay. Bye!" Over, and over.

Plus - she says, "what?" It's incredibly cute, but I find myself saying, "Did I stutter?!" Or when we watch something on TV, or just randomly - "What? What?" Or she can try to find someone. Sean left for work one morning and Z walked to the door and started knocking saying "Where Dada?" It kind of broke my heart.

Work has been pretty crazy, it's a busy-work job rather than a career. I like it for now, but I'm going to keep my options open. I'm actually thinking when Z goes to school I might go for a Masters in information systems or some sort of code development. I can code in VB, but, eh. I want to work with computers and have fun and see results and write an app or something. More on that conference I went to another time, I need to process my life for a while first.

Manda came to visit for her spring break. That was amazing. She is a wonderful child care and someone I can just hang with so easily. We started calling her "Titi" and asking Z, "Where's Titi?" Every now and again she'll wander the apartment and ask "where Titi?" I can't wait to have her back to hang out.

When Manda visited and then my parents came to visit, we went to see the butterflies at Fredrik Meijer Gardens. Zelda did pretty well, but wasn't a huge fan of getting held without me or Sean.

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