Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long Needed Catch Up

My phone is broken, which is causing some problems for adding pictures to my posts. But I can still post to instagram, but as far has posting to the cloud....not so much. Also, I deleted Twitter from my phone so I wouldn't look anymore. I don't really feel like I'm missing a whole lot, mostly because of Z.

Everyday she has a new word. She can recognize most of the family by name and picture. She repeats me exactly, and every movement she sees. If I get a playful smack from Sean to move out of the way, suddenly I get a small hand on my legs. "Stop, stop!" she'll say, then in a low whisper, "Stop it." It's hilarious, but we always have to watch our actions. She learns so much from everything we say and do.

I realized this the most when Sean upgraded his phone. Z now has his Droid, pulls up an app called "Dragon" which does voice commands and such. She'll press it and say "dragon" to try and wake it up so it will respond to her. It doesn't work for her just yet, but still. "Dragon," "princess," and "pirate" are her new words. I am so ecstatic that she knows what all these things are.

Side note, Z is trying to potty train herself. Since I started doing cloth diapers part time - and doing disposables at night, she will say "potty" and take herself to the bathroom. We had been doing some training with words, learning 'wet,' 'poopy' and that. But we are going to hopefully be moving soon, and didn't want to train her then have her regress. The problem is that she is ready to be potty trained, poops and pees in the toilet at least once a day, and doesn't want to be in diapers. I've been leaving her mostly naked (since it's been 90 here in MI?!?! WHAT THE HELL).

My baby is smart, and I am so lucky to have her.