Sunday, October 27, 2013

End of Displacement

I didn't want to jump the gun too much, but tomorrow we are finally signing on the house. The past two weeks have been a strain, but I'm lucky to say that we survived. My relationship with Sean's family survived, my relationship with Zelda survived, and best of all my relationship with Sean survived.

I expected this to go much worse. I expected a lot more fighting, more late nights, more waiting for the bathroom (though there was a metric fuckton of that). Even though I only have 6 dollars to my name until my next paycheck, but we can at least get in the house. We are borrowing a fridge in the mean time, and hopefully getting a washer soon, but we have enough to make it ours.

Plus having our own space. Yeah, buddy.

Just need to figure out water and internet, but I'm sure that will happen sometime this week. I'm not really worried about it, just excited to start chronicling my DIY stuff on the house. I think the biggest project will be the floors, but I'll make sure to keep track of things.

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