Saturday, January 11, 2014


I have come in contact with a new idea. That your truths may not be my truths. That my lifestyle may not be your lifestyle. I'm trying to let go of my prejudices and grow as a person. I am willing to fight for what I believe, but I will not look down on people that make other choices than me.

I know what is best for my family, I know what works with my child. I make my choices based on scientific findings, research and my own trial and error. We will not change because of someone else's anecdotes, and strive to make our lives productive and safe. My daughter's growth and development is up to me to motivate her and myself to live healthy and be awesome. I won't let her waste away in front of the television, and commit to teach and engage her mind.

No judgements, no labels, just togetherness.

I just hope that I will be stable enough to live openly, and the strength to out aside all the anger I feel towards people that don't walk the same path as I do. My resolution for this year is to look within myself, to be a role model with honor and integrity.

When I fail, when I mess up, I will own my mistakes and learn from them.

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