Monday, February 17, 2014

To Party on the Potty

Before our big move last year, Zelda was well on her way to potty training herself. She initiated when to go, and I could help but think, "No! Not yet!" By the time we moved in with Sean's parents, it was gone. No interest, and a total regression. Which was to be expected. Major life changes do this.

I made a plan, after Christmas, we would start again. Slowly, introduce her back to the idea. Rewards and encouragement, and hopefully by the time we was three we would be good. Well, then I found a post about potty training in three days. About a month ago, I decided to  give it a try.

The premise was simple, leave a potty seat out, a commode and let your baby got diaperless. Scary? Yeah, who wants to clean up poop and pee off the floor.

I am proud to say, Zelda is now a potty trained toddler during the day. We have about one to two accidents a week, diapers at night which 4-5 nights are totally dry. Last week we did an eight hour drive to IL for my great-aunts funeral, only one accident on the entire trip. Potty breaks every 2 hours, but hey!

Z has been so amazing, and bounced back from our homelessness so well. It helps that now everyone that takes care of her is on the same page with the potty training. You just need to put in the work, and the care into the child for them to flourish.

Zelda going potty with Ariel.

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