Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Catch-Up

Here's a quick update of my life since March 2014.


  • Dad went to the hospital for two months, lived in assisted living for six months, got transferred back home. Currently is living at home with help, dementia has kicked in something fierce.
  • Mom still working, going to school, and raising Mo. Kicking ass and on track to graduate this summer.
  • Mona is a high school freshman. And an alien. And we don't see eye to eye on stuff.


  • Sean's two brothers moved in with us May 2014. 
  • They didn't pay rent. 
  • It was awful. Verbal threats, harassment, etc.
  • I moved out in October 2014, one brother left. I moved back in November 2014. 
  • The brother that left came back to the house uninvited on Black Friday. I called the cops, locked the other brother out. Their mom came to take the rest of the stuff that day. 


  • Currently applying to graduate school. Hoping to go into information science.
  • Going to Google I/O next month.
  • Much excite.
  • Still working at the bank. It could be worse. 


  • Potty trained
  • Going to preschool (got bit the other day).
  • Plays on the computer/
  • Can count, sing, dance, knows colors.
  • Talks to me about how she doesn't like being around too many kids. Introvert in a large group, extrovert in a small group.


  • Broke up with Sean again. Still living together so we can co-parent. We hang out, and it's much better than the first break up.
  • Dating someone else. Kinda a new thing, but its pretty cool.
  • Currently a relationship anarchist. 
Did I mention Google I/O? I am so excited.